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Max Stock Ltd. was founded in 2004 and is engaged in the commercial retail through operation of a nationwide chain of discount stores under the name Max Shopping is Fun and Max 20, with a wide variety of home products at attractive prices.

The chain boasts 55 branches across Israel, from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat, which are mainly operated through subsidiaries, and the rest through franchisees.

The Group imports and sells various categories of products including school supplies, disposable tableware, plastic products and storage-ware, toys and arts & crafts supplies. In addition, the Group imports and sells in the Chain’s stores decorative items and gifts, textile and apparel products, baking and kitchenware products, household tools, furniture, toiletries, pharm products, lighting, gardening and camping equipment and more.

The Chain’s stores are divided into two main types:

Large stores, under the brand “Max – Shopping is Fun”, which offer a wide selection of products of all categories, the vast majority of which operate in commercial areas, in locations highly accessible to vehicles with convenient parking arrangements. The Chain includes 39 large stores, operated by subsidiaries and second-tier subsidiaries, excluding 8 stores operated by franchisees.

Small stores, under the brand “Max 20”, the vast majority of which operate in city centers offering products in most of the Chain’s categories (but usually, smaller products and no furniture), with a selection adapted to the clientele in the area in which the relevant store is located, and at a price not exceeding ILS 20 per product (including VAT). The Chain includes 16 small stores, operated by franchisees, excluding one store operated by a second-tier subsidiary.

Max Management

Ori Max

CEO and Board Member

Shlomo Cohen

Deputy CEO

Nir Dagan


Ifat Nir-Katz

General Counsel and Company Secretary

Talia Sessler

Chief Corporate Development and Investor Relations Officer

Oz Kursia

Chief Trade Officer

Roy Ben Nun

Chief Overseas Operations

Maya Goldin

Chief HR Officer

Eran Tsairi

Chief Logistics Officer

Chen Goldfarb

Director of IT

Moran Ironi

Director of Marketing

Ofir Edri

Stores General Manger

Max Board of Directors

Zehavit Cohen

Chairperson of the Board

Limor Brick Shay

Board member

Shlomo Zohar

Board member

Suzan Mazzawi

Board member

Ori Max

CEO and Board Member

Shay Aba

Board member

Eitan Stoller

Board member

Guza Peretz

Board member

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