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About Us

Max Stock Ltd. was founded in 2004 and is engaged in the commercial retail through operation of a nationwide chain of discount stores under the name “Max – Fun Shopping” and “Mini Max”, with a wide variety of home products at attractive prices. The chain boasts 64 branches across Israel, which are mainly operated through subsidiaries, and the rest through franchisees.

The Group imports and sells various categories of products including housewares, consumables, toys & baby, office & school supplies, apparel basics and arts & crafts.

latest news

Q1 2024

Our Q1 2024 numbers

NIS 313.2 Million

Quarterly sales

NIS 132.5 Million

Gross profit

NIS 42.9 Million

Quarterly Adjusted EBITDA

NIS 54.7 Million

Cash flow from operating activities

NIS 28.7 Million

Quarterly net profit


Branches all across Israel

Why invest in us

Strong brand

#1 player in Israel and one of Israel’s favorite brands Growing organic and unpaid brand awareness led by word of mouth

Best price

Low price leader with powerful value proposition. Everyday low prices from day one

Breadth of selection

Broad assortment of quality products. ~60% non-discretionary, everyday needs

Treasure hunt

~40% exciting, constantly rotating seasonal favorites that capture seasonal shopping trends

Differentiated sourcing

Proven track record and high expertise in sourcing inventory and understanding customer needs.
Long standing relationships with leading Chinese, European and Israeli suppliers

Passionate management

Founder-led management team with collaborative culture

National & growing scale

Growing presence across Israel, with significant whitespace opportunity to further expand footprint

Broad customer base

Serving different demographics and income ranges in Israel, appealing to a broad range of consumer profiles

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